About Us

Kore Herbals focuses on handcrafted botanical skincare, green beauty, herbal gifts + workshops.  Based in Portland, Oregon

- Each product is individually handcrafted with intention and forethought for sustainability and active wellness


- Every service is an offering that encourages holistic health and emotional       vitality


- Ingredient lists are short, all natural, and always will be

photography by juniper and the sea


Owner and Herbalist Kora Goodman has been versed in the healing arts for over a decade.  Living abroad as well as across the U.S., she has studied Flower Essences, Herbalism, Natural Birth Doula Training and Applied Kinesiology.

 Now a resident of Portland, Oregon, she offers handmade botanical products, custom flower essences and herbal workshops.



Sage School Herbalism

Philadelphia, PA

October 2015

Sacred Birthing Doula School

Kauai, HI

August - December 2011

Flower Essence Practitioner Apprenticeship

Nashville, TN 

June - August 2011