About Us

Kore Herbals focuses on handcrafted botanical skincare, green beauty, herbal gifts + workshops.  Based in Portland, Oregon

Each product is individually handcrafted with intention and forethought for sustainability and active wellness.

Ingredient lists are short, all natural, and always will be

photograph by juniper and the sea


Owner and Herbalist Kora Goodman has been versed in the healing arts for over a decade.  Living abroad as well as across the U.S., she has studied Flower Essences, Herbalism, Natural Birth Doula Training and Applied Kinesiology.

 Now a resident of Portland, Oregon, she offers handmade botanical products, custom flower essences and herbal workshops.



Sage School Herbalism

Philadelphia, PA

October 2015

Sacred Birthing Doula School

Kauai, HI

August - December 2011

Flower Essence Practitioner Apprenticeship

Nashville, TN 

June - August 2011